If you are trying to start the class but it is not moving forward, please note that we are experiencing problems with Adobe Flash. More often than not, if the course "freezes," you may need to update Adobe Flash (not to be confused with Adobe Reader). Sometimes if you switch to a different browser, the second browser may already have an updated version of Adobe Flash - and, if so, the class may start successfully. Google Chrome has been the best option. 


One last thing to try - this is from the IT people for the website. NOTE: While the IT person doesn't generally recommend risky options, we are not in the business of offering computer advice so keep in mind that this is at your own risk.
Start with Google Chrome as your browser, and then do the following steps;
Go to
Step 1: Click the dotted icon in upper right and select "Settings"
Step 2: Type "flash" in the settings search box and select "Content Settings"
 Step 3: Select "Flash" from options
Step 4: Click "ADD" under the "Allow" option
Step 5: type [*.] in the "Site" text box and click "ADD"
Step 6: reload the "START ONLINE CLASS" page and the class should begin playing.

We can refund your payment if you are still unable to proceed.


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